Wireless as a Service (WaaS)

What is Wireless as a Service (WaaS)?

"Wireless as a Service" is where we provide your facility with a wireless network fully supported, managed and serviced in return for a single monthly fee. Our aim is to deliver a wireless as a service that will eliminate the financial and management burden of existing capital purchasing solutions.

So what does this really mean?

You pay a monthly fee just like you would when taking out a mobile phone contract over a 3 year term. We will then provide you with the latest 802.11n wireless network system, fully installed, configured, managed and supported by our dedicated team of specialists.

What is a fully managed wireless network service?

Our fully managed service basically means we will do everything for you. We will install the network, we will support the network, we will monitor the network and we will fix the network in the unlikely event that anything went wrong. All you need to do is pay the monthly fee and we will cover everything else.

How many access points do I need?

Most facilities we work with usually require 8 - 12 access points. If you are unsure, we are happy to arrange one of our engineers to contact your facility to confirm exactly how many you may need for the wireless service you require. Please call (678) 649-3000 to arrange a site survey.

Is it Secure?

Utilizing the latest in wireless technology we can provide a secure wireless network. This is further enhanced through our monitoring.

"This is just what I need for my facility. No more unexpected payments!"

Why choose Wireless as a Service (WaaS)?

Choosing our "Wireless as a Service" scheme allows you to accurately plan and budget your wireless costs. There is no extra funding to find for repairs or maintenance, and no surprises at the end of your contract. A simple and easy to manage payment plan that gives your facility the wireless it needs.