Why Go Mobile?

Documenting at the bedside, or True Point of Care, (not Proximity of Care, i.e. kiosks and workstations) provides for more timely, and therefore complete and accurate entry of data relevant to your RUG (SNF) and Service Level (ALF) scores and hence, reimbursements!

For Skilled Nursing Facilities, an ‘A to B’ RUG level increase for a single resident will typically more than cover the monthly cost of our mobile technology for an entire facility.

For Senior Living Facilities, the ability to capture and report ALL services that are performed for a resident can have a dramatic and positive impact on revenue.

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CareServ's mobile devices are coated with a 24-month, Self-Sanitizing antimicrobial treatment which creates a surface for continuous protection against harmful bacteria and viruses.

The coating is not selected in the microbes it kills.

  • Tests show a 99.99% reduction in bacteria and viruses.
  • The lifespan of our coating is 24 months!

CareServ's Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) pricing option requires No Up-front Capital Expense, making it easier to implement the latest technology!

Our HaaS option is a:

  • 24-month subscription,
  • with no large up-front Capital Expense!

CareServ's mobile devices are encased in Waterproof, and Shockproof cases to protect your investment.

The cases have the following ratings:

  • Drop height of 6-1/2 feet,
  • Submersible to 6-1/2 feet!

CareServ provides the latest Apple® and Samsung® devices for Stability and Security.

Our preferred Apple devices include:

  • iPhone 6 Plus for POC,
  • iPad Mini for POC,
  • iPad (new) for full EHR, eMAR and eTAR access!

All of CareServ's products and services are supported by our 24 x 7 x 365 Help Desk.

Yours is a 24-hour operation, so your support team should be as well!

CareServ's Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) pricing option provides for New Devices Every 2 Years!

Our HaaS option is a:

  • 24-month subscription,
  • with no large up-front Capital Expense!

Mobile technology in a healthcare environment requires robust WiFi technology to access information. But even the best WiFi layout can create dead spots.

All of our devices use Verizon 4G data service for redundancy so that you are always connected!