Technology Services


Our services allow us to provide a one-stop shop for your solution needs.
Our goal is to be your partner not your vendor.

Everyone has heard the term "The Cloud". With Data Centers on both the East and West coast we can host your Servers with incredible speeds and reliability with a low cost structure.

Our IT Consulting and Systems Management services can help design solutions to fit your all your needs. From base IT needs to expert level eHR solutions, we can help.

Our MDM solutions provide HIPAA level security to all of your mobile devices from point of care and eMar to your daily use cell phones and laptops, we can manage them all.

We have developed custom software we can pre load on devices to optimize the layout of the screens and to allow you to save time and money with your eMAR tablets.

Our point of care devices are true point of care, not proximity of care. Allow your nurse aides to document at the bedside, not in the hallway.

We can help you with the increased needs of Internet with your eHR solutions as well as your backup Internet connections and your disaster planning.

Our HaaS solution is designed to allow you to focus on your facilities. We will provide you a fixed monthly cost solution so you do not have to worry about large lump sums of capital investments.

Our WaaS solution is designed to provide your facility with a wireless network fully supported, managed and serviced in return for a single monthly fee which is aimed towards eliminating the financial and management burden of existing capital purchasing solutions

With the ever-changing IT trends and technologies, Managed Service options are becoming more and more appealing. Companies can streamline their IT budgets and count on a flat cost for their IT support, regardless of unexpected changes in their IT. The nature of Managed Service agreements lends itself to a more proactive and efficient way of support because high efficiency and happy customers are essential to a successful MSP.