Quick ADT ReAdmission

Entering Re-Admission/Re-Entry

After a resident is admitted in the system, census changes (admission/re-admissions) can be completed through the Quick ADT application. There are different types of census entries that can be conducted using the Quick ADT link, including a move in/re-admission. A Move in/Readmission/Reentry includes the recording of a transfer in on return from hospital or return from a leave of absence.

The Quick ADT application allows staff to record the census entry without impacting billing. After completing the Quick ADT, the resident status is updated with an Incomplete census entry. The Quick ADT action requires confirmation by the business office at a later time.

To enter a Re-admission/Re-entry,

  1. Search for the resident's record. hover over Clinical or Admin to access the Menu and select Residents from the People section.

  2. Click the adt to the left of the resident name in the resident listing OR click the Resident's name to access his/her record and then hover over Clinical or Clinical and select Quick ADT from the Actions Section.

  3. In the Quick ADT pop-up, click the Action Type list and select the applicable action-Move in/Readmission/Reentry.

  4. Set the Effective Date and Time.

  5. Select the Estimated Payer Type and the Primary Payer. The Location field is auto-populated with the resident's room number.

  6. If the resident's room number needs changed, use the Clear link to clear the location. Click the  icon at the end of the Location field to select a bed for the resident. In the Location Pick List pop-up, click the link for the appropriate available room.

  7. Select a To/From Type using the list.

  8. Select a To/From Location using the list.

  9. Populate any additional available non-required information as desired.

  10. Click the Save button to add an incomplete census entry (move in/re-admission) for the resident into the system.

  • In the case of the readmission/reentry, an MDS schedule is automatically generated for the resident based on the readmission date.

  • When re-admitting a resident, the medical record number can be changed as needed.

  • An  icon provides information about the To/From Type and the To/From Location lists.

  • The available census entry options are security driven.

  • The Time field, and changing a medical record number when readmitting a resident applies to United States only.

  • Incomplete Census items can be viewed on both the Clinical and Admin Dashboards.