Quick ADT New Resident Admission

Admitting a New Resident

When residents are admitted to your facility after business hours or on weekends and holidays, it is important that their clinical record is created so that staff can begin to document care of the resident.

Quick ADT allows clinical staff to record a new admission without impacting billing. After completing the Quick ADT, the resident is added to the system with an Incomplete census entry, allowing clinical data to be entered. The admission still requires confirmation by the business office at a later time.

  1. From the Clinical Menu, select Quick ADT from the Actions section.

  2. In the Quick ADT window, enter the resident's Surname. Click the Search button to search the system for any previous record of this resident.

  3.  Do one of the following:

    1. If a match is found, confirm the resident's identity by comparing the DOB and Social Security Number (SSN). Click the linked resident name to open the existing resident's record.

    2. If the resident is not located through the search, click New to create a new record. 

  4. Click OK to confirm.

  5. Click the search icon  at the end of the Location field to select a bed for the resident.

  6. In the Location Pick List window, click the link for the appropriate available room.

  7. In the Quick ADT window, enter the required information indicated by a red asterisk (*). Complete any additional information on hand into its respective field.

  8. Save to save the entry. 

  • When admitting a resident with QADT, search records first for an existing chart before creating a new resident record. This prevents a resident from having two medical record numbers/charts.

  • When searching for an existing record, less is more. Entering minimal search information produces more results from which to choose. For example: If you enter 'Smith, Joseph', the system does not return a result for 'Joe Smith'. which may are how the resident was entered into the system previously. It is better to enter 'Smith, J' to find all instances in the database which meet the criteria. You may also enter just the surname or part of the Surname to search as well.

  • Incomplete Census items can be viewed on both the Clinical and Admin Dashboards.

  • An MDS Schedule is generated for new residents entered via Quick ADT based on the Admission date and estimated payer type.