Adding External Facilities

Adding External Facilities

The External Facilities section enables you to select both medical and non-medical external facilities that the resident is associated with or prefers and show them in the resident profile. External facilities include: churches, pharmacies, labs, nursing homes, funeral parlors, and so on.

From the Resident Profile tab, External Facilities section,

  1. Click Select to access the resident External Facility Setup.

  2. You can filter the list to view external facilities of a particular type. In the Type list select a particular facility type such as Hospital, Church, Lab, and so on.

  3. Select Facility Name to add it to the list of external facilities in the resident's profile.

  4. Click Save.

  • By default the system shows HotlistItems for your facility. Hotlisted facilities are those that are most frequently used by the facility. To view all external facilities available within the organization, select All Facilities filter.

  • You can search for a particular facility by name. Enter all or part of the name of the facility in the Search field and click Go.

  • Create an external facility type by accessing Admin > Setup > Picklists > External Facilities.

  • Add a new external facility by accessing Admin > Setup > External Facilities.

  • A default primary pharmacy can be chosen for each resident in the external facilities setup, which appears in bold text automatically for each resident in the resident profile.