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Most Frequently Asked General Questions

How do I login to PointClickCare?

How do I create a desktop shortcut to login to PointClickCare?

How do I contact the customer support team to ask a question or report an issue?

How do I change my PointClickCare password?

Why can't I find a certain resident?

How do I modify Page Setup for printing Reports? or What should I do when prompted to download and install MeadCo Script X?

How do I turn off pop-up blockers?


Most Frequently Asked Admin Questions

  1. When does the system auto-populate LOC (Level of Care) information and dates in the resident's Census?

  2. If I have posted an ancillary batch of transactions incorrectly, how do I correct it?

  3. How do I ensure the charge code is set up with the correct payer?

  4. Why are newly created payers missing from the list of payers?

  5. How do I delete a Recurring Charge for a Resident?

  6. How do I set up a recurring ancillary charge?


Most Frequently Asked Clinical Questions

  1. How do I clear the MDS Scheduler?

  2. Why does a resident's assessment appear on the MDS schedule even though the resident has been discharged from the facility?

  3. How do I enter or transfer a resident in the system when I only have access to the Clinical Module?

  4. How do I Add or Remove a Default Pharmacy from a Resident's Details?

  5. Who should I contact about questions or issues related to submission or rejections of a batch?


Getting Setup with PointClickCare

Click on a link but nothing happens


Issues with Internet Explorer


User Security Information: Adding Users, Deleting Users, Updating, etc...




Connectivity issues or working outside a facility



Other Issues




Admin Module



Problems printing pages or reports



GL/AP Module


Organization Configuration



Billing: Posting Batches, Configure Payers, Configure Payer Rules & Rate Schedules, etc...


Census Questions


Updating a resident's Profile



Collections Module








Questions Related to MDS & Assessments





MDS-ARD Related Questions






General Questions







Why am I seeing the same information when I open up multiple windows, using IE8?

In PointClickCare it's common practice to open the application using multiple windows to be able to view separate content. When using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) the same information can appear in all the open windows unintentionally. In order to prevent this, check the following security options:

  1. Please navigate to the following options: Tools Internet Options Security tab Custom level...

  2. Scroll down near the bottom until you see the following options: (under the Miscellaneous section).


  1. check to make sure the option Access data sources across domains is disabled.



  1. also check to make sure navigate windows and frames across different domains is disabled.

  2. Click Ok and then close down the windows and re-open them.




Why don't I see the navigation tabs in the customer resource center?


Go to Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > click on the Custom level button > in the security settings pop-up scroll down (approx half way) until you see the options in the below screen capture > click Enable for Display mixed content> click OK until out of the pop-ups.

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How do I add shaded background table to appear when printing forms or reports?

If a form or report has a background image or shading when printed to a paper copy it must have background printing turned on in Internet Explorer.

For Internet Explorer 6 and 7:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.  Select Tools > Internet Options, as shown below

  1. In the Internet Options window, click on the Advanced Tab.


  1. Scroll down to the Printing section and ensure the option Print background color and images is selected.

  2. Click OK to Save the settings.


For Internet Explorer 8:

  1. Verify that the Global Print Backgrounds Setting is on.

  2. Navigate to File > Page Setup...


  1. Confirm that the option Print Background Colors and Images is selected.




Why do I keep getting logged out of PointClickCare before the Session Time Out Value has expired?

Even though the Session Time Out value has been set for 30 minutes, the system is still automatically logging a user off after 5 minutes. The reason for this is the system is storing temporary internet files preventing the Session Time Out value from working correctly. To resolve this issue:

  1. Click on the system Start button in the lower corner of the screen.

  2. Select the Control panel option from the Start Up menu.

  3. In the Control Panel window, select Internet Options.

  4. In the Internet Properties pop up window, with the General Tab selected, click on the Delete Files button (IE6) or the Delete button (IE7) to delete the Temporary Internet Files.

  5. Click OK to close the pop up.

  6. Open your browser and log back into PointClickCare. The Session Time Out settings will now work correctly.

Does PointClickCare support Adobe Reader X?

PointClickCare does not yet support Adobe Reader X. If you currently have Adobe Reader X installed, it is highly recommended that you downgrade to version 9.4.

To downgrade, do the following:

  1. Go to the Start menu, open the Control Panel, and double-click Add/Remove Programs.

  2. Find Adobe Reader X, and click Remove.

  3. Restart your computer when prompted to do so.

  4. Go to

  5. Select your settings:

    • In Step 1, select your operating system.

    • In Step 2, select English.

    • In Step 3, select Reader 9.4 English for Windows.

  6. Clear the Include in your download check box to exclude Adobe Air.

  7. Click Download Now and run the install.

How do I stop information from overlapping on resident labels?

When generating the Custom Resident Labels report some details in the second column

(or right column) can get compressed and hard to read. Use some of the options below

to correct this:

  • Select the font size small on the report options to prevent the information from overlapping due to lack of space.

  • shorten the short forms. For example, in line 3 of the first column, if you have selected date of birth in the drop down menu, above the drop down selection in the short form of Date of Birth change it to DOB. Also, if in line 3 of the second column you had selected Admission Date use the short form Admit or Admis instead of the full term "admission".

  • If the font size was left as regular then it would be recommended to remove all options in the second column.

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Running PointClickCare Questions

How do I work in PointClickCare when I'm outside the facility or at home?

In order to work in PointClickCare outside of your facility you must have access to the internet.  In the browser Address, type in www.pointclickcare or and click Go. Log into the system with your user name and password. You must be a Remote User in order to log into PointClickCare from outside your facility. The ability to access the system as a remote user is determined in a users security profile. (Admin > Setup > Security Setup > Users).

How do I create a PointClickCare Desktop Icon on my system?

Create a PointClickCare Icon on your Desktop to launch PointClickCare

  1. Right-click on the desktop.  Select New Shortcut

  2. In the location box, type

  3. Click the Next button

  4. Name the item PointClickCare, as shown above. Click Finish.

As the security administrator, how can I ensure the I.P. addresses defined on the Facility Configuration, are the ones we have set up for our non-remote users?

The easier way to confirm the IP addresses being used is to review the Login History Report found on the list of users page in Admin Setup on a regular basis. This report contains both successful and unsuccessful attempts (with detailed error messages). Run this report to see where your users are attempting to sign in from. Since your non-remote users will only be able to get into the system for those addresses defined on the Facility Configuration setup, this report will provide details of the addresses blocking access. Ensure the Facility Configuration allows these (only if it should be) by either adding the entire address, or using a wild card symbol (*) that would include the specific address. E.g. 1234* would allow access for someone at 123456789 or 12348897654 or 123477773, etc...

Why am I getting a blank page when I generate my report as a PDF file?

This solution might also apply to other PDF documents that are opening up to a blank page.

When trying to generate a report as a PDF file and the page opens up blank, make changes to the following security setting:


  1. In version 8 of Internet Explorer, click on the File Menu > Internet Options > Advanced > Security.


  1. In the Settings window, scroll down to the Security section and un-check the option Do not save encrypted pages to disk.
  2. Click OK to exit the setting window and the security option changed will take effect.
  3. Re-generate the report.

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Security Questions


How do I enter and set up a new user to the facility?

Enter a new user in the system to determine the access the user has with security permissions.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Setup > Security > Security Users.

  2. Click on the Security Users link.

  3. In the Setup-Facility User Security page, click on the New button.

  4. Enter user details including:

  • Long User name-The users full name or recognized name in the system.

  • Login Name-user name to be attached to the organization code to identify which database to log into.

  • position

  • password information

  • default locations to open to when user logs into the application

  • etc...

  1. Save the record to the system.

Note: After entering a new user into the system, assign security roles to determine the access they have to the application.

How do I change my password?

To change a users password click on the Change Password link beside the Long User Name field.

  1. Enter the previous password in the Old Password field.

  2. Enter the New Password and confirm the entry by repeating the entry in the Confirm Password field.

See the online help file for further details.





How do I get access to other modules in PointClickCare?

Access to modules within PointClickCare can only be changed by a user with Admin security rights.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Setup > Security.

  2. Click on the Security Users link.

  3. In the Setup Facility User Security page click on the roles link next to a users name.

  4. Select Roles to assign to the user to allow further access to other modules in PointClickCare.

  5. Click Save.



How do I track a user's time in PointClickCare?

A report is available in the user's security of Admin Setup that lists user activity based on their login.

  1. Navigate to Admin>Setup>Security Users and click on the Login History button.

  2. To track user history within a specified date range, select a Start Date and End Date within the calendar icons.

  3. To track time for a specific user, select their Login name from the drop down menu.

  4. Sort the report information by Login Name or Login Time from the options in the drop down menu.

  5. To include failed logins, select this option.

  6. To include only current sessions, select this option.

  7. Click the Run Report button.



Why am I unable to delete a user?

If any of the following criteria are met, you will not be able to delete the user from PointClickCare:

  • The user is assigned to a Collection Group (EMC>Standards>Collections Setup>Groups Setup>users).

  • The user has assigned an IRM Activity (Facility IRM>Activities>Assigned To user).

  • The user created a MAP (Marketing Activity Plan) in IRM.

  • The user is a contributor in a MAP in IRM.

  • The user has created a physician's order.


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Organization Setup


How do I add a Resident Identifier?

  1. Click on the Admin Tab>Setup>Organization Setup>Resident Identifiers.

  2. Click New to add an identifier and