The Georgia Health Care Association (GHCA) is a non-profit association of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, and home & community based case managers called SOURCE. The association represents 95% of skilled nursing care facilities in Georgia. It represents the best interests of patients, residents and consumers as well as owners, administrators, and other personnel. GHCA strives to enhance the ability of our members to provide competent and compassionate care to meet the ever changing health care needs of Georgia’s infirm, elderly and disabled citizens.

GHCA is committed to continuously improve the quality of life of all persons requiring post-acute care and long term health care. To achieve these goals, GHCA works closely with government agencies and other trade and professional associations in developing, amending, and implementing, sound legislation, regulatory policies, and standards of care.

GHCA works to influence society and government to invest in the wellbeing of elderly and disabled individuals and to assure access to care. GHCA is committed to developing necessary and reasonable public policies which balance economic and regulatory principles to support quality care and quality of life. GHCA is dedicated to professionalism and ethical behavior among all who provide post –acute and long term care, thus earning the confidence and trust of Georgia’s public.

Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) has a strong history of leadership and advocacy that dates back to 1954. The founding members were passionate about improving care for elder Floridians and recognized that their ability to shape public policy would be greatly enhanced by the creation of a statewide organization that brought together like-minded individuals.

Today, FHCA is a federation representing 81% of the state's nursing centers. Our membership includes more than 1,000 individuals and nearly 600 centers that provide skilled nursing, post-acute and sub-acute care, short-term rehabilitation, assisted living and other services to the frail elderly and individuals with disabilities in Florida. FHCA also has more than 400 associate members/companies that provide valuable products and services to long term care providers.

Governed by its Board of Directors, FHCA furthers its mission of advancing the quality of services, image, professional development and financial stability of its members. The Association works to promote the importance of investing in the well-being of Florida’s frail elders and individuals with disabilities and to ensure their continued access to high-quality long term care.


Founded in 1962, ACHCA is a non-profit professional membership association which provides superior educational programming, professional certification, and career development opportunities for its members.

Guided by the vision that dynamic leadership forges long term health care services that are desired, meaningful, successful, and efficient, ACHCA identifies, recognizes, and supports post-acute and aging services leaders, advocating for their mission and promoting excellence in their profession.


Argentum’s mission is to promote choice, dignity, independence, and quality of life for seniors. To support this mission, Argentum influences public policy, promotes business excellence, and ensures an informed public.

Americans are living longer. About 70% of Americans will need some kind of long-term care after they turn 65. When the last of the baby boomers reach age 65 in 2029, they will represent more than 20% of the total U.S. population. Senior living services and products will see unprecedented demand in the coming decades.