Managing Charge Codes

Managing Charge Adjustment Codes

You create Charge Adjustment Codes to use when entering ancillary charges, adjustments and balance forward batches. Charge Adjustment Codes are used to book ancillary revenue, contractual allowances and flow to billing.

If you use Point of Care (POC), you can improve billing accuracy and efficiency by automatically generating charge batches from POC documentation.


For a better work flow, complete the Charge Code Categories, Payers, Chart of Accounts and Revenue Codes completed before you start here, as these lists are used when creating Charge Adjustment Codes.


You must check Allow Override of Amt. for all charge codes not associated with a standard amount.

You can not delete a used Charge Adjustment Code. Enter a ineffective date to discontinue use. 

  1. Do one of the following: 

    • Single facilityAdmin > Setup > Charge Adjustment Codes

    • Multi-facility: Management Console > Standards > Financial Management > Charge Adjustment Codes

  2. Click New.

  3. Complete the fields as required.

  4. Click Save.

Hints and Tips
  • Click View Payers for a full Payer Code description.

  • For Charge Codes used to adjust payer balances, select Transaction Type of adjustment for refund, write-off, or other adjustments. 

  • For Charge Codes used to record Ancillary type charges like Hairdressing or Therapy, select Transaction Type of Ancillary, Service. 

  • For Charge Codes used to record Ancillary type charges like Cable or Telephone, select Transaction Type, of Ancillary, Product.

  • Note

    At Management Console in Charge/Adjustment Codes setup, ancillary charge codes with Type, Service Level, do not have an activation option for facilities. Activate the charge code in Service Package Categories setup. To read more, see Creating Service Package Categories.

  •  POC Measure - option appears if the POC module is enabled. From POC documentation, you can automatically generate billing for:

    • A la carte billing.


    Select an option to make the charge code available to map in POC Tasks/Interventions.   


    To map charge codes to POC tasks/interventions, POC Measure must match the method used to record the service in POC.

    • By Unit - select if the service is tracked in POC by units.

    • By Actual Time - select if the service is tracked in POC by time.

  • HCPCS Modifier appears only when Ancillary Transaction Type is selected.

Business Rules
  • Charge Adjustment Codes created at Management Console must be activated for facilities.