MDS 3.0 Scheduler

MDS 3.0 – MDS Portal View - Scheduled

The Scheduled view in the MDS Portal shows the Schedules for the MDSs & Tracking forms that are due or coming due for all residents in the facility.

The Schedules are calculated based on Payers, Census entries and effective dates entered into PointClickCare and using CMS rules for scheduling of MDSs. Details are in the Business Rules section at the end of this topic.

Monitor the view for MDSs approaching due that have not yet been created, for schedules that are incorrect (usually a conflict with census entries). Timely resolution of MDS Schedules can ensure that the billing process flows smoothly and MDSs are completed in compliance with CMS guidelines.

Access the view.

  1. Hover over Clinical > Select MDS from the Care Management list in the menu box to open the MDS Portal.

  2. Click Scheduled in the view choices listed on the gray bar.

    • May click Set as My Default View link in upper right of window. If you are reviewing the scheduler to resolve issues or create scheduled MDSs, set this as your default during this time.

Filters & Options.


    • All - All MDS schedules appear.

    • OBRA – filter to show only OBRA MDSs.

    • Medicare – open a view of the PPS assessments with more details, see expanded PPS schedule and Dates for each.

    • COT – show only the COT assessments (Target ARD selected using ARD Planner).

  2. Show residents due in the next 30 days. May enter a different number and tab to refresh the Scheduled List.

  3. View Only Discharge Residents – select to filter the list to show only discharged residents and address, review the schedules.

  4. Unit or Floor – All. May filter to a specific unit or floor.

  5. Blue Information icon (green bar, far right) - click to see details about the views, columns, calculations performed. This information is summarized here.

  6. Report Icon (green bar, far right) – click to open a printable view of the Scheduled list in a new window. Print the Scheduled view before to clearing or resetting schedules.

  7. Click the Resident Name link to go to the MDS tab of the resident chart.

    • The Residents are listed with MDSs ARDs closest to becoming due or the ones most days past due at the top. Schedule text color:

      • Red text – past due. The number of days past due appears. 

      • Black text – due within the 30 days. Number of days until due appear.

      • Gray text – not due within the 30 days.

  8. Scheduler links – click any ARD schedule link to open the Reasons for Assessment window and create an MDS. When you complete the fields and save, you will be redirected to the new MDS Summary window to begin entering data.

    • WIP - work in progress, legend is visible to the right of the Scheduled date, if the MDS has been created. The MDS is listed on the In Progress view.

  9. Click the + to the left of the resident name to view expanded options:

    • Current Payer, Admission, Re-Entry and Discharge Dates (if applicable) will be visible. There are also red links for actions that can be completed:

      • Recalculate Schedule – review census, existing locked MDSs, any cleared schedules, the MDS Admission Date CMS guidelines to show the correct assessment due dates.

      • Reset MDS Admission Date – click to open a window to Select the new MDS Admission Date. Admission, Re-Admission, and Transfer in from Hospital census dates will be links that you can select to recalculate the MDS schedule. The blue information icon by the reset link provides details on when /why the MDS admission date should be reset.

    • Reset MDS Calendar – This link functions in the same manner as the ‘Reset MDS Calendar’ link within the resident chart. More details in MDS 3.0 – MDS Billing Calendar.

    • Clear Medicare Schedule – (appears if a PPS MDS is scheduled). Click this link to clear the Medicare schedule if you are positive that it generated incorrectly.

    • Clear all Schedules – Click this link only if all required assessments are completed. If you clear all schedules incorrectly, go to the MDS tab of the resident chart, + to expand the scheduler and click the recalculate schedules link.

    • Clear Tracking and Discharge Schedules – click the link to clear all of the Tracking and Discharge schedules for the resident.

    • Census – If you have security rights only to the resident’s clinical chart Census tab, the link opens that tab. If you have access to the resident’s admin Census / Rates tab, the link opens that tab. Right+click the link to select open in a new tab.


Do not reset the MDS Calendar or clear the Medicare schedule manually. Work with the person who completes the Admin > Census / Rates entries to resolve schedule concerns. This will ensure that Billing proceeds smoothly and serves as part of a “Triple Check” process.


Be very careful when clearing any schedule. The overdue discharge/entry tracking may be “hiding” other Entry or Discharge schedules. Recommend reviewing the expanded scheduler from resident’s MDS tab before clearing any schedule.

  • The scheduler option "residents due in the next __ days" can be changed to (i.e. 45 days) Clinical > Setup > Minimum Data Set (MDS) - Version 2.0 section > MDS Configuration > Show assessment due in __ day(s). 

You must have a security role with the appropriate rights to access this portal and complete the actions listed.

OBRA Scheduler - Calculations.

  • Tracking/Discharge Due are scheduled based on census.

    • Entry record (new admit) required with Completion Date at Z0500B = Admission Date + 7 calendar days.

    • Entry record (readmit/reentry) is required with Complete date = Re-entry/ Transfer In date + 7 days.

    • Death in facility record is required with Completion Date = discharge (death) date + 7 calendar days.

    • Discharge assessment is required with Completion Date = discharge/ Transfer Out date + 14 days.

    • Discharge Tracking Schedule will be created when a census line with an Action Type of Leave and a Status Type of Hospital Leave is entered.

    • An Entry Tracking Schedule will be created when a census line with an Action Type of Return from Leave is entered.

    • Entry /Discharge Tracking Schedules consider Outcome of Transfer for Discharge or Transfer out to hospital census entry. When a Transfer in from Hospital census line is entered, date and time are used to determine if the transfer in is within 24 hours of the transfer out census line.

      • If 24 hours or more - Discharge Assessment and Entry Tracking schedules will be triggered.

      • If less than 24 hours, the system will look at the most recent transfer out to hospital census and the value in the "Outcome of Transfer" field.

      • If Blank - Discharge Assessment and Entry Tracking schedules will be triggered.

      • Admitted, Inpatient; Admitted, Observation or Admitted, Status Uncertain - Discharge Assessment and Entry Tracking schedules will be triggered.

      • ED Visit Only or "Other - Entry Tracking schedule will not be triggered and Discharge schedule for the Transfer Out census will be cleared.

    • Comprehensive Due scheduled based on yearly timing rule:

      • ARD must be within 366 days of the ARD of the prior assessment.

      • If an Admission Assessment completion date = Admission date (census) + 13 days, otherwise Completion Date at V0200B2 = ARD + 14 calendar days

    • Quarterlies Due are scheduled based on Quarterly timing rule:

      • ARD must be within 92 days of the ARD of the prior assessment.

      • In Mississippi, the scheduler is 90 days instead of 92 as per Mississippi Medicaid Reimbursement Policy.

      • Completion Date at Z0500B = ARD + 14 calendar days.

      • Q4 Due - The system calculates a 'Q4' due date under the quarterly column. This is to help the user monitor that the next assessment (which will actually be the comprehensive) will be scheduled within the required 92 days of the last quarterly. The comprehensive schedule measures the required 366 days between comprehensives, while the quarterly schedule measures the required 92 days between quarterlies and if quarterlies are completed early at any point during the year, these two dates may differ. So, to ensure that the next comprehensive meets both the 92 day and the 366 day requirement users should look at both dates and schedule the next comprehensive for the sooner of the two dates (if they are different).

PPS Scheduler - Calculations.

  • Medicare Due assessments are scheduled based on the MDS Billing calendar (census / payer of Medicare A biller).

    • 5 day or Readmission/Return - ARD (Item A2300) must be set on days 1 - day 8 if using the designated grace days. Must be completed (Item Z0500B) within 14 days after the ARD (ARD + 14 days).

    • 14 day - ARD (Item A2300) must be set on days 13 - day 18 if using the designated grace days. Must be completed (Item Z0500B) within 14 days after the ARD (ARD + 14 days).

    • 30 day - ARD (Item A2300) must be set on days 27 - day 33 if using the designated grace days. Must be completed (Item Z0500B) within 14 days after the ARD (ARD + 14 days).

    • 60 day - ARD (Item A2300) must be set on days 57 - day 63 if using the designated grace days. Must be completed (Item Z0500B) within 14 days after the ARD (ARD + 14 days).

    • 90 day - ARD (Item A2300) must be set on days 87 - day 93 if using the designated grace days. Must be completed (Item Z0500B) within 14 days after the ARD (ARD + 14 days).

  • Change of Therapy.

    • An assessment date appears in the COT Scheduler only scheduled using the ARD Planner to select the Target ARD. Refer to MDS 3.0 – MDS Portal: ARD Planner procedures.

    • The COT Scheduler does not automatically schedule any COT Assessment.