LOC Overview

Level of Care (LOC) Overview

The Level of Care (LOC) indicates whether the resident is receiving Skilled or Non-Skilled care. Although this is normally established in the Clinical module, some Census entries prompt level of care entries.

Benefit Exhaust and no-pay demand bills document the resident's level of care. LOC along with bed certification ensures that these claims are produced properly. Use LOC to document the date spans of the resident's stay(s) and whether they are receiving Skilled or Non-Skilled care.

When you enter certain census lines, the system auto-populates the LOC information:

  • If resident is admitted as Medicare A, the LOC defaults to Skilled as of the Medicare Admission Date.

  • If resident has not used 100 days of Medicare time and is cut from skilled care, as of the date the resident went off Medicare A, the system automatically creates a LOC entry with the Non-Skilled indicator.

If resident has used 100 days, the LOC remains Skilled as of the date they went off Medicare A. The system does not know whether the resident is still skilled or has become non-skilled. When the resident no longer receives Skilled care, unless s/he is being cut from Medicare, manually create a new LOC line to change the resident to Non-Skilled.