Cash Receipt Reversal

Cash Receipt Batches - Reverse Batch - Facility Level

You can reverse Electronic Funds Transfer cash receipt batches at the facility level.

  • Admin > Billing > Cash Receipt Batches.

  1. Locate the posted batch and click reverse. The Cash Receipts (EFT) Batch Reversal window appears.

    • Batch Number: Lists the batch number for the reversal batch.

    • Description: Lists the original batch number, description and *Reversals*

    • Batch Total: Lists total amount being reversed. This amount is based on selections in Select Transactions to Reverse.

  2. Selection Transactions to Reverse lists all residents with transactions within the batch.

    • Clear any resident transactions for reversal by selecting the check box to remove the check.

    • Click Reverse.

    • At the prompt, click OK.

  • Reversed transactions are listed in an Open Batch and must be posted.

  • Reversing an EFT Batch creates a cash receipts batch for reversal. It does not create an EFT Batch reversal.