Add Recurring Charge

Adding Recurring Charges

You can add recurring charges to resident records.

From the Resident's A/R Profile tab > Recurring Charges Section

  1. Click New.

  2. Enter the Effective Date.

  3. Enter the Ineffective Date, (date on which the service/item ends) or if unknown, leave the field blank.

  4. Enter the accounts receivable Charge Code associated with the service/item. If the Charge Code is unknown:

    • Click the Search icon. 

    • Use the Category list to filter the list to the appropriate section of charge codes.

    • View the list of charge codes using the next, previous or page number links to navigate through the list.

    • Click the charge code link to select the correct Charge Code.

  5. The Description field auto-populates when the charge code is selected from the list.

  6. Enter the number of Units to specify the number of times the service/item is billed during one billing cycle. 

  7. Based on the charge code setup, the Amount may be auto-populated or you can enter the amount of the charge.

  8. If needed, check Override Item Codes?  to override the revenue and HCPCS codes defined for the service/item.

  9. If needed, check Charge in Advance?  to indicate that the charge is applied before the resident receives the service/item.

  10.  If needed, check Charge on Leave/Hold? to apply the charge when the resident is on leave, or on bed hold.

  11.  In the Frequency list, select the interval that the service/item should be charged, daily or monthly.

  12.  If a monthly frequency is selected, select Prorate? to prorate charges if the services are not used for the entire billing month.

  13.  If a monthly frequency is selected, check Prorate on payer change? to prorate the charge when the payer information changes.

  14.  Select Transaction per Day? to list the charge for each day separately on the invoice.

  15.  Click Save.

  • To search and select the charge code by description, rather than the charge code, click the Search Icon.

    • Transaction per Day Example: a resident is in the facility 29 days and a recurring charge for meal delivery of $2.50 is applied.

    • Transaction per Day selected: The statement shows 29 separate lines for meal delivery with 1 unit at $2.50 and a total of $2.50 on each line.

    • Transaction per Day cleared: The statement shows one line for meal delivery with 29 units at $2.50 and a total of $72.50.

  • Override Item Codes is only available if the Override option was selected when setting up charge codes.