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Managed Services

24x7 US-based Service center operated by certified Long Term Care Technology professionals.

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Long Term Care

Technology and resources designed for the LTPAC community.

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Implementation, Training, Optimization & Configuration of EHRs.

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Solutions That Work for your organization

CareServ is dedicated to building partnerships not clients. Our mission is to provide tools to our long term care professionals that allow them to spend less time documenting and doing paperwork and more time taking care of residents.
Our solutions are designed with over 51 years of combined on the job experience in long term care facilities. Tested by RNs, LPNs, and CNAs from facilities and corporate environments, to guarantee the systems will work for you.
We provide true out of the box solutions that anyone can setup. When you get your equipment, it is ready to use, open the box, turn it on and you are off to work. We do all of the work for you and its included in the cost.
Our Costs, Support, and One-Stop shop offerings make us stand out from our competitors. We provide budget friendly solutions, with 24x7x365 support for all of your Long Term Care needs

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